Deciphering CTV in digital advertising
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Deciphering CTV in digital advertising.

With good reason, advertisers are becoming more and more interested in capitalizing on the connected television (CTV) and streaming market. 

CTV and streaming placements provide marketers with the opportunity to bring the addressability of the digital landscape to television.

As CTV viewership rises, so does the amount of commercial space. Indeed, the growth of connected TV options is so quick that, according to eMarketer, by 2024, CTV ads will account for one in ten media expenditures.



If CTV placements do not rely on cookies, where do advertisers turn to accurately and efficiently target consumers on the channel? The answer lies in the utilization of your quality first-party data.

By unlocking your first-party data, you can leverage cookieless audience identifiers, achieving a deeper understanding of your consumers and, therefore, enabling more relevant advertising.


Not all streaming platforms and programmatic providers are made equal. They provide varied levels of controls for correct digital IDs, impactful audiences, and brand-safe placements. To maximize the return on ad spend, advertisers should focus on smart buying techniques, such as purchasing inventory through premium channels or using a demand-side platform (DSP) that partners with premium CTV content owners.


Buying CTV placements cannot be one-size-fits-all. Choices between direct purchases from streaming platforms and programmatic alternatives can lead to reporting dispersion because there is no single common currency for assessing CTV.The issues of scattered measurement and mismatched IDs might affect how advertisers track reach and frequency on CTV.

Advertisers must acknowledge that the complexities of CTV measurement necessitate similarly sophisticated solutions, such as using deterministic data and identifying the right strategic partners to manage reach and frequency. This approach will result in more reliable and consistent measurement, allowing marketers to maximize the potential of CTV advertising.

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