High-Performing Influencer-Generated Content

Partner with influencers who create photos, videos, and other creative content under the umbrella term Influencer-generated Content or IGC. Typically, this collaboration is genuine and an effective byproduct of the more high-level influencer marketing. 

Online giveaway events are hosted by creator partners, who ask followers to like, comment, and repost content about your product or service. It might also be a competition where winners get prizes delivered to their homes in the form of your brand. 

IGC has the potential to revolutionize your brand, increase engagement, and augment sales and brand recognition. Created by digital producers’ content is absolutely in tune with platform-specific trends and uses high-tech editing methods. In addition, content is also attuned to audience preferences. The strategy encourages potential customers to interact with the brand as they would with organic ideas because IGC also stands out in users’ feeds. 

Sustainable Mindz helps you collaborate with influencer production teams that are skilled at producing visually appealing material. Turnaround times of such creations are quick and comparable to professional photoshoots. Additionally, you get to partner with several influencers at the same price as one branded photoshoot, thus producing an infinite supply of new material. 

Studies have demonstrated that influencer-generated content outperforms other content and produces commendable results. Engagement rates are high due to its platform-first approach. 

From website landing pages to email marketing, social media campaigns, and paid advertising, you can repurpose IGC to the brand’s own channels. This way, the brand’s authenticity, diversity, and performance increase at every point in the marketing funnel.

IGC can be commissioned for a lot less than a full-fledged professional photoshoot. Collaborate with multiple influencers to produce a far larger volume of fresh and varied content for the same cost.

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