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Video has become a staple in the digital marketing world. It’s not just used for entertainment anymore, but also as a way to create awareness about products and services. According to statistics from The Video Advertising Bureau, the average person watches over 150 videos per month on their smartphones and computers. That’s a lot of content! So why are people watching so much video? Well for starters, it makes life more entertaining! You can learn how to do something new or see what your favorite celebrity is up to every day at lunch time—it’s amazing! But video isn’t just fun; it also helps build trust between you and your potential customers by creating a personal connection that text simply cannot accomplish on its own. It helps them understand what makes you different from other similar businesses out there while also showing them exactly how they can benefit from working with you instead of another company offering similar services or goods

In our increasingly digital world, video marketing is becoming more and more important.

As our world becomes increasingly digital, video marketing is becoming more and more important. Video marketing is a great way to present your company, engage with your customers, educate them about what you do and entertain them. In this article we will look at how videos can be used in the marketing process and some tips on how to create effective videos for different goals.

Using Video Ads to Generate Leads and Close Sales

Video ads can be used to generate leads and close sales, explain a product or service, show off a company’s culture, and share its values.

If you are just starting out with video marketing and don’t have the budget to produce a full-length movie right away, try using these four techniques:

  • Showcase your product or service. In this technique, you will create short videos that highlight the features of whatever it is that your company sells. These types of videos are best suited for B2B companies who want to show off their products’ benefits in comparison to their competition’s offerings. It’s also good if you want customers to know why they should buy from you instead of another business selling similar products or services—especially if yours has better quality or lower prices than theirs!
  • Explain how something works by showing it do so in action (i.e., an Instagram campaign). With this approach, we recommend creating seven second clips where each clip shows off one feature at a time until people understand how everything fits together into one cohesive whole (this type of approach works well when trying explain complex topics such as financial planning strategies). This works especially well when trying explain complicated topics like financial planning strategies because everyone likes using visual aids like graphs showing how much more money our clients save by using our services versus going with competitor X instead!”

One of the best ways to present your company to a potential customer is with a video ad.

One of the best ways to present your company to a potential customer is with a video ad.

Video is more engaging than text and more memorable than text. It’s also more shareable than text, which means that you have the opportunity to reach many more people with less effort, making it an ideal way to reach new audiences and increase brand awareness.

Videos can be shared on all kinds of platforms—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vine (RIP). Video ads can even be used as part of a campaign that includes other types of content like images or gifs!

Video marketing is a great way to tell your story and promote your brand. It gives businesses the chance to show off what makes them unique, and helps potential customers get to know the company behind the product or service. Video is also a great tool for engaging with current customers by providing educational content that keeps them coming back for more!

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