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As awareness increases, businesses are investing more and more in social media and digital marketing in unique ways to increase brand awareness and attract new audiences. It is not just enough to optimise your online presence. You must, however, track and audit the performance of such a strategy to ensure that your visibility is progressively increasing. SEO auditing can be labour-intensive and extremely time-consuming. But it is, nevertheless, essential for those involved in online marketing.

SEO audits and analytics are the first stages of knowing your website’s health. This includes keyword ranking, visibility, and traffic generation. Organic SEO success is predicated on free or low-cost actions centred on schema and keywords. When done correctly, it can generate massive profits and significant returns.

At the same time, Google’s algorithm has become substantially more complex. It is no longer a mere keyword game. Ranks are now based on 200 other factors. Furthermore, Google updates its search algorithm several times each year (in fact, there are many alterations every day!) Therefore, if your organisation depends on the search engine’s SERP, you need a solid SEO strategy, beginning with the right SEO audit tool.

Whether you are planning a website redesign or want to increase the quality and quantity of visitors and leads to your pages, an SEO audit is the best way to determine its performance. You will be able to discern which pages attract and engage the audience while identifying areas you can fix for improvement. Pick from these top 5 alternatives:


The ever-popular SEMRush comes with dynamic SEO features and includes modules for analytics, keyword research, traffic analysis and more. It also encompasses a social media tracking tool that you can use to schedule posts. Undoubtedly, a leading SEO platform, it provides auto-generated graphs and enables domain comparisons and competitive analysis – all in just a few clicks. Furthermore, it checks for the originality of the content and tweaks its readability if it is not up to the mark.

Moz Pro

Moz Pro’s comprehensive SEO tools drive search engine exposure and ranking. It uses Domain Authority and Page Authority to generate high-quality data. Workflows are accelerated, and information is broken down for better strategy and analysis, helping individuals save valuable time. In addition to all the legwork, it automatically investigates SEO opportunities, faults and other issues. It provides practical market analytics, allowing customers to adjust their content and design according to drawn inferences. Besides, the tool keeps users up-to-date on changes by utilising diverse techniques.


Anyone who’s in the SEO business knows Ahrefs. This prevalent and reliable backlink checker tool generates detailed backlink profiles for any website URL. The mechanism gives users a comprehensive and precise snapshot of the background of a website. Ahrefs is simple to use and provides thorough yet understandable data conceptions. Its unique patented technology exports data in user-friendly formats and display social metrics such as Shares, Tweets, Likes etc., next to each link.

The screaming frog

The Screaming Frog website crawler helps you improve onsite SEO by gathering data and scanning for typical SEO problems. It is a robust and adaptable crawler that can efficiently move across small or extremely large websites while analysing results in real time. Critical onsite data helps SEOs make informed judgments. Look for broken links, find redirects (temporary and permanent), analyse page titles, discover duplicate content, review robots and directives, extract data with XPath and more. Screaming Frog lets you scan around 500 URLs for free.


The robust toolkit has strategies geared towards startups and expanding businesses. Taking pride in being an all-in-one solution, Sitechecker inspects SEO pages and websites to assess performance. It conducts three primary functions on-page SEO checking, website SEO audit reporting, and keyword rank tracking alongside a backlink tracker and monitoring system. Additionally, it comes with Google Search Console-based tutorials and plays well with Google Analytics.

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