Is Snapchat going to be the next big thing in digital advertising?

Is Snapchat going to be the next big thing in digital advertising?
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Is Snapchat going to be the next big thing in digital advertising?

Recently, the Super Bowl used Snapchat in innovative ways to induce people to tune into the game on Feb 11. Their ads were so engaging and exciting that a joke went around that people were looking at their mobile phones more than the game itself! While the engagement during last year’s Super Bowl was around 2 million, it was far more, especially as other brands, such as Pringles and Doritos, did their bit. Recently, the platform also announced that it had acquired more users. 

Snapchat revolutionized visual communication, creating a digitized and funkier version of the traditional postcard. It includes handwritten text and a memorable photo (much like the postcard) and can be quickly sent to the person of their choice. 

Contemporary thought has transformed the platform where companies can connect with their customers in a unique format. Businesses can now curate original content that captivates user interest to generate direct brand engagement. The platform works primarily due to the boom in the consumption of short-form videos, thus helping firms raise awareness, drive downloads, and boost sales. 


Snapchat facts: 

Total people using Snapchat: around 750 million per month

Daily active users: 406 million 

Daily usage time is about 30 minutes

Percentage of Millennials and Genzs on the platform: 75% 

App Rank: 9th most popular in the world 

Creations: Average daily snaps of 5+ billion

Benefits of Snapchat marketing

Launched in 2011, Snapchat quickly grew users and became one of the most-used social media platforms in the world by 2022. It is now a great way to connect with a younger audience, open to fresh and new ideas. Here are some advantages of using Snapchat for business. 

User interaction

Brand engagement and reach are primary for any company to grow. Initiate direct interaction with Snapchat’s 13 to 15 age group user base when you advertise on the platform. Besides being discovered, you can also connect with them via chat for any queries. 

Stand out 

Snapchat advocates authenticity and creativity. That is why the more casual and fun you are, the better you connect. Make light-hearted and cheeky posts that go down well with the contemporary audience while also promoting your brand. 

Driving Traffic

There is a sense of urgency when you create snaps because they are available only for a short span. When you have great posts, your audience will not want to miss them, thus helping them stay connected, driving traffic, and even giving you potential customers. 

Influencing Buying

Users can find new companies that aren’t the usual people using crazy filters to send weird selfies. The “Discover” icon can actually help a lot when companies use Snapchat to market content. Did you know that users on the platform spend at least 35% of their time daily on the ‘Discover’ section, and about 60% make impulsive purchases?

A Channel for your website and events

Finally, Snapchat can be used to redirect users from the app to your website through direct links placed on ad content. Besides, if you are a brand that frequently hosts events, you can promote the occasion on the platform to attract participants. 

Launching the ads campaign

Once you are clear about the objective of your campaign, all we have to do is decide upon the budget and set a duration. We can also secure a marketing report to check the campaign’s performance. This way, the ad can be optimized and improved to maximize ROIs. 

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