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Google AdSense is a popular method for making money online through advertisements on your website or blog. However, it’s not the only one. A range of other Google Adsense alternatives is also available, which you can consider. These substitutes come with some amazing features that let you monetise your website. All you have to do is get connected to an advertising network that helps you publish your requirements.  While Google advertising modalities might traditionally seem like the finest way to make money from your blogs, some innovative and newer tools can provide you with the results that you are precisely seeking. Nevertheless, Google’s stringent policies might lead to a suspended account due to ingenuous errors, which could be tedious to recover. It is always good to have options that you can fall back on. Here are some of the best AdSense alternatives you must try.


Considered one of the largest online platforms for content discovery, Taboola lets you display native ads or sponsored content and videos to aid audience acquisition. The platform reaches around 1.4 billion unique users each month, and publishers can enjoy over 500,000 monthly views on CPC.

Propeller Ads

Another leading Google AdSense alternative, Propeller Ads, founded in 2011, offers video, native, mobile and display ads and is ideal for games, entertainment, finance, movies and software industries. Specialising in pop-under ads, this 10-year-old platform works with over 150,000 publishers and even comes with the best CPM rates.

Media.Net is one of the top AdSense alternatives, among the highest-paid, and maintains the world’s largest contextual ad networks. The platform is always looking for better publishers and accepts only websites displaying high-quality material. With Media.Net, users get exclusive access to Bing and Yahoo! Networks.


You must choose BuySellAds if your site has constant high traffic. It is a self-serve ad portal for niche publishers and supports myriad ad types including, RSS feeds, display ads, image and text, and plain text ads. To join BuySellAds, you’ll need at least 100,000 monthly page views, and it only accepts English-language websites with great content and design.

Amazon Native

The Amazon Native Shopping Ads programme is a part of the Amazon Associates programme, which allows you to display native Amazon product listings on your blog pages. Users can monetize their traffic through an affiliate marketing initiative, where you get commissions on each purchase.


AdNow provides targeted recommendations to publishers from an already sponsored content pool. Partnered with about 150k publishers, the platform works with both CPC and CPM commissioned advertising. For beginners, the platform is one of the best Google Adsense alternatives. 

Vibrant Media

Using its own IntelliTXT technology, Vibrant Media delivers ads directly from text, images and video in a native environment. While providing advertising at scale, the platform teams up with over 6,600 publishers and reaches more than 300 million users in a single month. For more information on native ads and to host your product on premium Google AdSense alternatives, reach out to us.

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