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Come New Year, LinkedIn is introducing seven new features to welcome 2023. These include enhanced video accessibility, improvements to Job Search, content analytics and scheduling posts. Here are some things you can expect to see before the year closes.

Job Titles

Check out the list of new job titles. Users can choose from a list of standardised titles, especially if they are someone in the accessibility industry, such as an accessibility designer or engineer. The platform makes it easier for employers to identify such professionals while these specialists can find positions that actually align with their existing qualifications.

Job Search Updates

Over the past few years, the process of looking for jobs has drastically changed. Individuals are curious to pursue new opportunities, even if they are not hunting for employment actively. According to LinkedIn, people are investigating career alternatives that better align with their interests and values, such as work-life balance, skills upgrade, or professional advancement. Therefore, in light of this activity, the platform is looking to provide a tailored collection of jobs to casual job hunters who can find them without completing a search order. Although the company hopes for rapid expansion, it is pioneering tailored job collections with a small number of organisations in the United States.

Video Accessibility

Videos posted on the platform are currently available only in English. As we advance, LinkedIn will automatically generate captions for all videos uploaded. Before publishing a video, users can add or change captions. On the app, there is an option to switch to high contrast mode to make movies more accessible to people with limited eyesight or visual impairments.

Alt Text Functionality

Advertisers can now include Alt Text or alternative descriptions for images within the Campaign Manager. Visually impaired or disabled users can now interpret the visuals presented easily.

Scheduling Posts

Businesses and professionals can schedule their posts and prepare postings in advance. A ‘Schedule’ symbol will be displayed next to the ‘Post’ icon when writing a post. Choose the day and time you would like to share your content by clicking on ‘Schedule’ – thus getting complete control over your content and making changes as you go.

B2B Product Search Updates

Members can discover items that suit their requirements by connecting with community experts and, if required, can make purchases on LinkedIn’s product pages. More than 90,000 B2B items will be easily discoverable with the platform’s search function. To create more individualised experiences, LinkedIn intends to add new category filters while enhancing the relevancy of the product pages. When making judgements about purchasing decisions for their companies, professionals typically have to go through a time-consuming and challenging procedure that involves evaluating product alternatives, gathering client feedback and speaking to sales representatives. Thus, product pages will be designed to help users make smarter and more knowledgeable decisions.

Content Analytics

LinkedIn is aware of how important it is to have access to information that helps grow an audience and assess the effectiveness of your content. To do this, the platform adds audience information and the best-performing content to the analytics dashboard. The function helps track the development of your fan base and learn more about your audience’s demographics. You can use this data to identify trends and handle analytics in a way that works best for you. Remember to turn on the ‘Creator’ mode to obtain these.

Make the most of all of the above add-ons brought to you by LinkedIn in the year 2023.

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