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This year, Microsoft released its first product advertising upgrade. Desktop devices can now access all Microsoft Store Ads. Besides, RSAs (responsive search ads) have been updated, and in-market audience segments have now expanded to new regions such as Africa and the Middle East.

Once again, trends indicate the movement of consumers from smartphones to desktop PCs, blurring the lines between device usage. In any case, most of us do lead multi-screen lives. Yet, savvy business times require changing methodologies, especially in advertising. Do you think it’s really enough to advertise on mobile phones? The answer is NO. PCs are an untapped market, and advertisers must not miss the opportunity to engage these users. Currently, PC apps are becoming popular as a large audience is seeking app-centric experiences through their PCs. What brought about this change, you ask? The Pandemic. It drove the use of PCs, and both the app-savvy millennial and Gen-Z audiences began using and creating applications from the square piece of wonder.

Well, Microsoft rightfully responded by redesigning the Windows desktop app with a distribution experience that resembles the mobile Store. Customers can now download apps on their PCs (just like on their mobiles) when they visit the Microsoft Store. Thus, the company introduced a linked experience with the desktop app promotion tool within the operating system. The shift would help advertisers address and engage with consumers wherever they are.

Introducing Microsoft Ads

The objective of Microsoft Advertising is to enable marketers to do more by enhancing app acquisition and engagement strategies across various screens. Most users visit the Microsoft Store to learn more about PC games or apps. Consequently, the Store receives desktop traffic from targeted users who intend to download desktop applications. Now, with the ads, you can broaden your target region and encourage app downloads on all platforms instead of just focusing on mobile-based users.


Microsoft Ads accelerates brand discovery to launch campaigns through an easy dashboard that helps you buy ad space on the platform. Ads appear on the Store’s results page when users search for content, thus improving visibility. One of the most significant features is that you can observe your potential customer’s behaviour while getting a complete picture of their journey. You can now visualise the Get or Price button page, the Download Start page, the Play or Open page, and the search results after generating an ad. Examine performance reports to optimise campaigns for better user interactions.

Here are some advantages of Microsoft Ads

  • Increased exposure of your app/game on more devices
  • Easy campaign setup and management
  • Compatibility with the UET tag for behaviour tracking
  • Ads will appear on computers running Windows 10 & 11
  • Adverts will also be specifically seen on Apps and Gaming tabs in the Store


The new Responsive Search Ads format will be made available from February 1. This also means that you will not be able to create or modify ETAs. Expanded Text Ads that are already present in your account will keep running. According to its official release, Microsoft will set its ad platform apart from Google by concentrating on Local Search ads, Marquee ads, and Additional Vertical ads. However, it will be interesting to learn which other ‘additional verticals’ Microsoft will line up in 2023. Keep an eye out for the company’s upcoming product updates on February 7 this year.

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