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While a digital presence is imperative these days for staying connected with customers 24×7, being emotionally attached matters more. Consumers are attracted to stories because they are relatable, engaging and stir passions. On average, an individual is bombarded with over 5,000 advertisements daily, all of which challenge that they are the best. If brands want to cut through the noise, they must give their target audience what they crave – an empathetic rendition of what they stand for. In the past, conventional advertising strategies may have been effective. But today, with increased digital exposure and awareness, consumers seek more individualised and close-to-genuine experiences from their interactions. Storytelling, thus, is one of the most potent tools to forge the customer-brand bond and create end-to-end journeys that are highly satisfying. 

This is true, especially when John will not remember which commercial played while waiting for his YouTube video to load.

Digital marketing and storytelling

The days of continuously inundating users with the same messages repeatedly are gone. Digital marketing has already moved away from this trend, with marketers aiming to provide consumers with more distinctive experiences so that people pursue such brands and wait in anticipation of the next creation. Emotions act as triggers stimulated by storytelling, and feelings impact how we view the brand. Therefore, it is best to revert to our origins, where stories were natural and engage customers through their senses. Create something so breathtaking that people are compelled to talk about it to each other.
Benefits of storytelling in digital marketing
Utilising stories benefits the brand by leaps and bounds and boosts both direct and indirect marketing initiatives. Here are some advantages you can reap:
Brand identity
Stories are the ideal medium for letting your brand’s personality shine through. Many businesses aspire to be recognised; every well-known brand has achieved this benchmark via storytelling. Tales can change your company’s identity from a four-walled perceived structure with staff into a vibrant and identifiable brand. People will begin associating you with your actual field of work and the products that fall behind you. In short, your story stays in their minds, so you are the first to be recalled.
Natural Motivation
Have you noticed how every speaker in TED Talk begins their speech with a story? Whether they want you to think, act or emote, they design talks in a way that they convey ideas that are worth dissipating. Storytelling in digital marketing also works similarly. For instance, if humour is used in the main call to action, people are bound to remember or relate to an analogous incident from their lives. This stimulates memory and resultant motivation. A marketer aims to persuade, and storytelling naturally fits the bill. Successful stories share a lesson which encourages users far more organically than a forced sales pitch to drive the intended outcome. 
Relationship building
Marketing works with the golden rule of relationship building. People who deeply connect with the brand will likely stay loyal and even refer a friend or two. A comprehensive map of your consumer groups is vital in choosing stories your consumer can relate to. Create profiles and segments that effectively identify tales that will resonate with the ideal consumer and build lasting relationships with them. These stories speak the customer’s language and help you better understand their psyche.
Even the old looks new
Consistently churning out fresh ideas can be difficult. With blogging, SEO, and content marketing saturating the digital space, it is time to create newer think tanks that can modify the subject matter to gain new appeal. Everyone is after the same target audience, and chances are the brand-new concept you come up with has already been presented. With storytelling, you can give this ancient vision a new twist or fresh perspective, directly speaking to the audience and addressing their requirements instantly. Besides, since the material is highly customer-centric, it performs better and boosts conversions.
Adds to the excitement
No industry is boring, provided we understand consumer segmentation and mindset. Certain products, however, can be easily manipulated to provide more intriguing content. While it might seem complex to create such compelling material in other sectors, it is not impossible. Every vertical can benefit from storytelling as a marketing strategy where emotions typical to people can be interwoven to connect a customer’s journey from visualisation to demand to purchase.
In conclusion
You can use stories across brands and communications through social media, emails, videos and more. This results in the cohesiveness of a marketing campaign and augments the chances of success. 

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