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AI is quickly becoming a significant player in the productivity game. There are a growing number of AI-powered tools that can boost your productivity in a variety of ways.

ChatGPT is one such tool. It uses AI to help you automate tasks like customer support and live chat. This frees up your time to focus on other, more critical tasks.

AI is also transforming industries like healthcare and finance. For instance, it is used in healthcare to diagnose diseases and predict patient outcomes. Similarly, finance uses AI technology to create more personalized financial products and services.

As it continues to evolve, we can expect even more productivity-boosting tools to enter the market. Here are some AI tools you can look up to today:

  1. Jasper – Helps you create social posts, copies, blogs etc. – a forerunner in AI content.
  2. Sheet AI – Bring add-on features with value prediction into Google sheets with this tool.
  3. Copy AI – AI-powered copywriter – producing a tonne of high-quality content quickly.
  4. Ideas AI – Get product and business ideas on demand with this GPT-3-based AI tool.
  5. Instoried – A comprehensive tool for writing and analysing content.
  6. Flair – Uses text-to-picture technology – the AI design tool can quickly produce high-quality brand materials.
  7. Mirage – Similar to Dall.E 2 – generates 3D models depending upon your prompts.
  8. Synthesia – Rapidly transitioning from simple text to lifelike video clips with really remarkable results.
  9. StockAI – Large number of high-quality, free AI-generated stock pictures
  10. Lex Page – A word editor with AI enhancements that can eerily and accurately mimic your tone.
  11. Craftly – With a mind-bogglingly large collection of templates and options for everything you can imagine, AI copywriting tool
  12. Smartwriter – Utilises AI to comprehend prospects and compose customised emails for them—a major advance in cold outreach.
  13. Presentations – Depending upon your input – create beautiful presentations.
  14. Modyfi – Design tools with AI-driven collaboration capabilities.
  15. Texti – Similar to ChatGPT, but available wherever you go online.
  16. Browse – Retrieves information from competitor websites and keeps track of them
  17. WordTune – Uses GPT-3 technology to suggest powerful replacements for words, phrases, and paragraphs.
  18. AssemblyAI – Contrary to Murf, this software accurately transcribes audio material.
  19. Compose – A free Chrome addon that automatically completes your phrases.
  20. Murf – It transforms your text into a voice that sounds human.
  21. E 2 – Innovative text-to-image platform created by ChatGPT’s creators.
  22. Stable Diffusion – Free to use text to image AI
  23. Draft – A hybrid content platform that combines human authors with AI writers to produce high-quality work, fast.
  24. Pragma – Centralises all of your company’s data for quick access at any time.
  25. Interior AI – Redesign your space – click a picture and provide details via text.
  26. Lexica – A huge library of pre-curated images by professionals at Stable Diffusion.
  27. Notion – A common workspace for each team with an AI organiser.
  28. Sembly – All meetings are recorded, examined, transcripted, and synthesised into insightful data.
  29. TheCom – Generate optimised use case site pages in bulk.
  30. timelyAI – Use it alongside WhatsApp to manage your entire schedule.
  31. Supercreator – Create high-calibre short videos easily.
  32. Pencil – Utilises a $1B+ dataset of ad expenditure to create promotions that are highly engaging quickly.
  33. Imglarger – Enhances images and cleans them up without compromising on quality.
  34. PatentPal – If you are submitting a patent and require large volumes of mechanical text.
  35. Nuclia – Create a search engine using AI for your website, app, API, or Chrome extension.
  36. NativeChats – Chat impeccably and fluently with your consumers in their own language.
  37. Mintlify – Using GPT-3 tools, you can create stylish, reliable documentation effortlessly.
  38. Poised – Utilises the GPT-3 to simulate public speaking scenarios and evaluate your performance.
  39. Texta – Based on your input, quickly produces blog posts that are search engine optimised.
  40. Finta – To fully automate your complete fundraising flow.
  41. Mutiny – A/B testing with AI for every segment.
  42. Papercup – Uses AI to translate your material into a local language.
  43. Mem – Uses AI to organise your notes – similar to Notion

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