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With a new feature, users can now see what newsletters other members have subscribed to in the app. LinkedIn is making it extremely simple to locate relevant newsletters in your niche. This will help you discover and stay current with industry trends. 

A fresh newsletter feature:

According to information collected by LinkedIn, members believe newsletters are a fantastic way to get fresh perspectives and concepts on professional subjects that interest them. They also noticed that people are looking for more effective ways to find pertinent newsletters. Therefore, the platform decided to make newsletter subscriptions public, including on profiles, to aid in finding them. Now, you can see which email subscribers find value (starting February 11, 2023), just like you view common pages, groups and hobbies.

The new implementation assists users in the discovery of new information and staying current with market trends. You can stop the subscription with the simple ‘unsubscribe’ function, which is also publicly available.

Finding out which newsletters are being read by others is a wonderful way to learn about current industry information. Following popular newsletters might also assist job seekers in staying informed about market trends and employment prospects.How did it happen?

Earlier, LinkedIn offered a ‘Creator Mode’ feature that allowed users to build their own newsletters. These could then be shared with subscribers through email notifications. The platform also allowed company pages to create newsletters early last year. During this time, newsletters experienced a boom as major platforms worked to incorporate elements in an effort to capitalise on the expansion of email updates as a substitute source of funding for independent journalism and boost individual brands and thought leadership.

There was a wave of publishing closures brought about by the COVID crisis, which saw a decline in spending. During this period, social media companies took the opportunity to play a more prominent role as information chain connectors. Some even started their own magazines but could not follow through almost immediately after launch. So much so that platforms like Meta and Twitter gave up on their newsletter endeavours in favour of other pursuits.

LinkedIn, however, began working to help creators expand their network through newsletter outreach with foresight. It, thus, today, acts as a constructive subscription tool for the most part, giving marketers a renewed push to use it for in-app promotions.

Knowing the audiences’ likes (via their newsletter preferences) helps firms and content creators produce new marketing strategies. It’s also great to see LinkedIn provide users with access to fresh, new information and increased subscriptions, which consequently leads to amplified visibility.

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