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It is the age of social connectivity, and every modern business must stay visible and active on the myriad of social media channels available today. This way, you can keep in touch with existing customers while developing new relationships. As easy as it may sound, you must be careful how you manage your account. Mistakes are inevitable anywhere. But this would mean wasting time trying to handle various inboxes across applications and posting the same creatives and copies across multiple platforms. Standard consumer apps are certainly not equipped to handle the chaos. What you do need is a social media management application that can execute every request precisely and on time.

Some of the best social media management apps are all-under-one-roof solutions, where you can automate and track your accounts as you focus on creating targeted content that appeals to your audience. Here are the top 5 social media management tools you must try in 2023.

Sprout Social

Introduced sometime in 2011, the Sprout Social has evolved and learned a lot over the years and has practically every feature embedded into it. The social media management tool is highly empowering, connects brands with audiences efficiently, and collaborates with customers in real time. Data is turned into meaningful insights, and publishing workflows are streamlined, driving the smallest to the largest enterprise. Overall, the platform is innovative, intuitive, and easy to use.


And who doesn’t know HubSpot? HubSpot is a time-saving, one-stop-shop social media management tool that makes interaction extremely easy. Integrate it into a CRM system to track your leads and conversions and make calculated decisions for business growth. Upload and schedule social media with the publishing tool – you can leverage its bulk scheduling feature to post directly across most channels. HubSpot is a great option, especially if you combine several business tasks into one package. Sign up for HubSpot’s Marketing Hub and enjoy quick connectivity to other areas, such as CRM capabilities, customer support, and help desk tools.


Buffer is a terrific social media tool that is easy to set up and has a great dashboard. The platform has a long history as one of the titans of social media management. Along with simplicity, it also offers value for money and stands out as one of the best social media tools for publishing posts across major social media networks. With a bit of practice, anyone can become a master Buffer user, distinguishing it from every other feature-heavy tool that can be overwhelming to use with its abundance of options. Buffer’s suite of products helps you plan and schedule content, analyse results, and engage with your audience. Social media marketers and teams can collaborate and work efficiently and effectively.


A prevalent solution in the social media management space, Hootsuite’s maturity is seen across the breadth of its products available for small and medium-sized businesses. Its services extend beyond posting, collaboration, scheduling, and analytics. You can automate the scheduling while capturing critical performance metrics and gathering analysis data. Hootsuite’s enterprise-tier solutions include an in-depth consultation in accordance with the needs of the company and the number of users. Setting it up is really easy. Users can complete their profile quickly by entering their account information and social media credentials.

Zoho Social

Zoho Social practically assists every organization immaterial of its size. It provides actionable analytics and helps firms grow their brand’s social media presence across various channels. The cloud-based platform allows you to manage and schedule posts while monitoring keywords. Its key features comprise bulk scheduling, publishing, creating, stats, analytics, and discovering new leads. Zoho Social provides marketers with pre-publishing information based on past post interactions and audience behaviour. It even goes further, showing users the proportion of followers most likely to view their posts at a particular point and even recommends the next best time to post.
The power of social media is incredible, and automation helps the brand stay consistent and stand apart from the crowd.

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