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New features have been added to Google’s Display & Video 360 platform helping advertisers plan, purchase and measure connected TV or CTV campaigns.

Marketers can now assess streaming publishers’ distinctive and incremental reach through the Reach Planner, available with enhanced TV features.

Additionally, the Unique Reach Overlap helps advertisers eliminate media waste with a comprehensive report. 

Fresh features include a TV functionality to assess the distinctive and incremental reach of streaming publishers such as Hulu, Roku, and YouTube, as more marketers are placing emphasis on CTV campaigns. Moreover, the new Deal ID helps advertisers anticipate the potential performance of a Programmatic Guaranteed Deal. 

Marketers can use Instant Reserve to book premium placements easily, where YouTube CTV inventory can be reserved across tailored packages, YouTube TV, and YouTube Select lineups. Moreover, Display & Video 360 helps manage CTV device ad frequency to identify publishers, and their strategies, generate incremental reach, and, more importantly, cut down on media waste. 

Reach Planner Updates

Marketers can use the Reach Planner to predict expected campaign success and its reach. Besides, advertisers can locate CTV inventory and identify new publishers enabling better and more effective budget allocation decisions. Check out the new TV functionality that will allow advertisers to evaluate any distinct and additional reach garnered by streamers such as Roku, Hulu, and YouTube besides linear TV. Before spending their money, advertisers can utilise Deal ID forecasting to estimate how well their campaigns could perform. This is specifically useful for CTV because a lot of expensive inventory is sold frequently through bargains, mainly during major events like the World Cup or Super Bowl. 

Reach Planner is now available for marketers across Japan, France, Vietnam, Germany, and the U.S. Using the TV consumption data from the top 150 local Comscore markets (which is available on Reach Planner), advertisers in the U.S. can further hone their target market. 

Marketplace Updates

Advertisers can now locate CTV inventory through the Display & Video 360’s Marketplace to fulfil their campaign goals. More recently, an audience filter was added. This can help identify bundles of inventories and find third-party audience forecasting details. Obtain premium CTV inventory as part of the Marketplace through deals and activating inventory packages in the TV section.

Display & Video 360 has released CTV audience features that enable advertisers to reach consumers anywhere they stream linked TV content. Furthermore, marketers and advertisers can connect with people they already have a business relationship with in the first-party audience lists extending the reach of their CTV ad campaigns.

Identifying Overlaps

The Unique Reach Overlap report within the Display & Video 360 assists advertisers in locating duplicates across campaigns, devices, and even publishers. With the help of this data, campaign-level frequency limitations can be determined while minimising overlaps and cutting down on media waste. Furthermore, users can also identify which publishers and marketing techniques get the most incremental reach. The report is accessible globally for all Display & Video 360 and Campaign Manager 360 account holders. 


Google is going all out to cater to the demands of a changing audience with its new tools and features, which also meet the growing needs of advertisers for CTV campaigns. It takes care of both basic and incremental reaches while providing comprehensive reports that drastically reduce media waste. 

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